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Choose Ammonia free Organic Hair Colour , Herbal Hair Dye Colour or Fashion Hair Colour

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*For all services, we do not compromise on required attention and service. Don't compare us with seemingly cheap deals but of inferior product used & service

Hair Colors Services: 

We use herbal/Organic/Natural Product with maximum scalp care! Don't compromise with quality & service.

01. Organic Hair Colour (Ammonia Free) @ Our salon:

Try our Organic Hair Color which is Ammonia Free & free from Para (PPD substance causing scalp irritation in usual hair color) Good quality botanical product, Premium Italian brand. Gives grey hair coverage. Wide range of fashionable colours to choose from.


Don't compromise with quality. Quality assurance, high protection, minimal damage & better hair texture after hair colour. Non drying and Yet Reasonable & Affordable.


Special Promotion:

Organic Color + Wash + Blow From $88 - $158

***Scroll down to see Colour Photo Gallery***


02. Fashion Hair Color

organic hair colour dye


organic hair salon Singapore

~Premium Korean / Italian Brand

~Reliable Color

~ Wide choice of Fashionable tones including ash, red, pink, violet tones.

~Low Ammonia


Special Promotion for Organic Hair Colour:

Hair Color from $58 Top up Scalp Protector + Premium Hydro Treatment at additional nominal charges

***Scroll down to see Colour Photo Gallery***


03. Herbal Hair Dye for Grey Hair Coverage:

Premium Herbal Based Hair dye

Ammonia & Hydrogen Peroxide free.

Grey hair coverage

Less Damaging than normal chemical dye

Choice of color e.g dark brown, brown, chestnut, mahogony etc.

+ Opt for scalp protection

(Patch Test is available to determine suitability/no allergy 48 hrs before Dye Treatment)


Or Opt for Natural Herbal Treatment Suitable for:

* sensitive skin/PPD/chemically allergic sufferers

* Cancer patients

* Pregnant & Lactating Mothers


Charges Fr $108


Special Bundle Deal:

Herbal Dye Grey Retouch + Scalp Protection + Treatment incl Wash + Blow + Steam $138-148

usual price: $188-208


All Hair Services performed by Senior Hairstylists.

No Hard selling and Straight Forward Charges


To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we'll appreciate if you could call us in advance.


For appointment, please CALL or Whatsapp or SMS 93874424

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